EDISON - Looking for employment isn’t easy, and experts warn that it is important to protect oneself from scams when applying for jobs.

Kane In Your Corner reported this week about a teen from Monmouth County who was scammed out of money after she was given a bogus check by someone who supposedly hired her for a baby-sitting job. Cailin Falardo is now responsible for refunding the money after the check bounced.

“It’s unfortunate. It’s a hard lesson she has to learn and I as a parent feel responsible that I wasn’t there to protect her,” Falardo’s mother says.

Falardo was using an employment website to look for jobs. Experts say that it is important to follow some safety tips when applying on these types of sites.

Users are advised not to advertise their personal information on the sites.

Users should also only use the website to communicate with potential clients. They should beware people who want to text or email to communicate instead.

Potential employees should never send or receive money in advance and should also never accept extra money. Experts say that if someone overpays by way of a check, it is almost always fake.

Users should also watch out for spelling or grammar mistakes on any employment advertisements. Experts say that scammers usually operate overseas and may not speak English well. Falardo tells Kane In Your Corner that she didn’t notice mistakes that were in her messages when she received them.

Kane In Your Corner also says to consider if the employment opportunity makes sense before accepting any money.