EDISON - After several big car recalls over the past few years, many car buyers say that they are concerned when purchasing a used vehicle. Each year, more than 1 million used cars are sold to customers despite having open recalls against them. 

Now, New Jersey state lawmakers are considering a law that would require car dealers to inform customers if a used car has had a recall in the past. The bill even has the backing of the New Jersey Coalition of Auto Retailers.

“The current legislation is a huge improvement over the current scenario,” says coalition President Jim Appleton. “A consumer will know before they make the purchase that the vehicle is subject to a recall.”

However, some consumer advocates say that the proposed law doesn’t go far enough. Bob Russo, with the Consumers League of New Jersey, says that even with the suggested legislation, it could still be possible for a customer to buy a dangerous vehicle.

“We believe the better thing would be to make it a requirement that the safety defect is repaired before you buy that car,” he says.

Russo goes on to say that the used vehicle shouldn’t be banned from being sold, just that it needs to be fixed before it can leave the lot.

The bill passed the state Assembly unanimously. It's now in the state Senate, where it's been assigned to a committee.