HILLSDALE - A planned construction project in Bergen County could close a key transit point in Bergen County for two years, and many residents say that's two years too long.

Hillsdale residents tell News 12 New Jersey they aren't just concerned about congestion but safety as well, since it could increase the amount of time it takes for first responders to get to emergencies. However, an EMS driver told News 12 New Jersey that the structural integrity of the dam outweighs any potential delays in response time.

Hillsdale Mayor Max Arnowitz says he can't get straight answers out of United Water or state officials about a construction project that will put Church Road out of commission for 21 months. He's appealed a decision by the state's Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) ordering United Water to rebuild the Church Road dam.

The $25 million project would lower and widen the road, making it safer for pedestrians. It would also enable water from storms to cascade over the roadway. Utility officials say the project is absolutely necessary and there is no way around it.