MANTOLOKING - The buzz surrounding the "Hepburn House" in Mantoloking hit a fever pitch in recent days, as construction equipment and workers have been spotted at the oddity home.

The house – where Katharine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy supposedly spent time together to retreat from the public eye – has remained almost untouched as Superstorm Sandy rocked the area.

The home was damaged during the storm, but it's never been moved or rehabilitated. Other homes in the community have been torn down, rebuilt or razed.

The eye-sore has become a bit of an icon in the area.

"It was old and it wasn't even in the best of shape over the years, but it's part of the history of the town," says resident Ron Kurzeja.

Neighbors say they have witnessed construction crews tearing down part of the home that used to be a garage. It is not immediately clear what other work is planned.

The listed owners of the property are a construction firm, and a partner in a rehab and reconstruction agency. News 12 New Jersey reached out to both, but there was no answer at either.