WOODBRIDGE - New Jersey has seen a fair amount of snow events for this winter, with many towns having at least 20 snow events that have needed the use of plows.

Between the costs of rock salt, sand and overtime, this winter has been costing municipalities quite a lot.

Woodbridge Mayor John McCormac says the winter has cost his town over $1 million. That’s  $500,000 more than the town had budgeted.

“We have four more months to go in the fiscal year, so we’ll find savings in other areas to cover the costs of snow,” he says.

The amount of snow events have been hurting most towns. Mayor McCormac expects Woodbridge to run out of rock salt Thursday night.

Many towns are experiencing the same issue. In Essex County, some municipalities are borrowing salt from the county just to get by.

“Lots of towns have zero or minimal amounts,” says Bill Clark, of Essex County Public Works. “We’ve been giving what we can to them to keep them afloat.

With only two more weeks left until the official start of spring, hopefully there will not be too many more snow events.