KENDALL PARK - A new smartphone app is hoping to revolutionize commuting for some of New Jersey’s residents.

The “OurBus” app is part ride-sharing, part carpooling. Creator Mike Virdi says he made the app to solve his own commuting frustrations.

"We developed a technology that finds people that live near each other and work near each other and finds a route for them,” Virdi says.

The app works with charter companies and uses only luxury buses with Wi-Fi, charging stations and bathrooms. Currently, there is only one route into and out of New York City. It has two stops in Kendall Park and Franklin. 

The hope is to add more routes in other areas where it is difficult to commute by public transportation.

“We’re building communities by created smart routes based on commuter demand,” Virdi says.

Creators of the app say the average commuter should save between 30-50 percent by using "OurBus" and shave about a half-hour off their trip. They are looking to add more than 30 New Jersey locations within the next few months.

More information about “OurBus” can be found at the app’s website.