NEWARK - A community is in mourning after a 19-year-old Newark girl was gunned down in front of her home. Her family should have been preparing for her graduation, but is instead preparing her funeral.

Tammy Henderson was shot in the head Thursday at around 10:30 p.m. while sitting on her porch. Her teachers say she was a quiet and respectful student.

"She was a quiet girl, full of spirit, and yes she wanted to live," says her teacher Bashir Akinyele.

Akinyele says he was just thinking that Henderson needed to finish her final exams before high school graduation, when he received the call that she had been killed.

Her neighbor, Fahem Shabazz, says Henderson wanted to be a dentist.

"She wanted to work in a hospital," Shabazz says. "She could have gone to college."

Police have not yet determined a motive.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Essex County Crime Stoppers at (973) 877-TIPS.