NEWARK - A Newark teen was gunned down this weekend.

Reginald Terry, 18, was shot and killed early Saturday morning at the intersection of Washington and Market streets.

A memorial now stands where he was killed. People who knew him say he deserves the tribute. They say he was an honors student, a star football player and someone who was raised to be a good person.

"Reggie always put others first," says Terry's former coach, Chris Strumolo. "It was never about him. He's a kid who truly did what was best for his team and teammates."

A former teammate, Johnnie Chavers, ran a track meet hours after learning Terry died. He won a medal that he says is now in memory of his friend.

"He was a good kid. I couldn't have asked for much more. Nobody could," says Terry's father Reginald Terry Sr.

"My heart hurts right now. It's going to be that way until I die. I want people to know he was a good child," adds Terry's mother, Leandra Terry.

Signs are posted in the area, asking anyone with information to call authorities.