BAYONNE - Community members for and against an Islamic Center in Bayonne fully packed a meeting Tuesday night with Bayonne’s zoning board to discuss the project.

Prior to the meeting, dozens of protesters on both sides of the argument gathered with signs illustrating their points of view.

Those supporting the building of the center had signs that read “Say NO to anti-Muslim bigotry” and “United to fight racism and Islamophobia.”

People against the center had signs that read “Stop the mosque” and “If the mosque comes, the mayor goes.”

The proposed Islamic Center would be built on a warehouse site on East 24th Street. 

People who are against the center say their main issue is a lack of space for parking. Opponents say that there just isn’t enough space to adequately accommodate a large amount of cars. 

People who support the building of the center say that there are currently no mosques in Bayonne and the center would support Bayonne’s Muslim residents.