MANASQUAN - Winds are still strong and sand is still blowing at Inlet Beach in Manasquan as the coastal storm continues to be monitored.

Officials say the main problem in Monmouth County is the beach erosion up and down the coast. The erosion began about two weeks ago when winds shifted out of the northeast that built up the seas after a relatively calm summer. Meteorologists began watching a tropical system that eventually turned into Hurricane Joaquin. Early forecast models had it aiming at New Jersey.

As Joaquin shifted out to sea, the main threat became a coastal storm. Beach towns built temporary dunes to protect the properties.

The storm peaked Friday into Saturday with rounds of storm tides and winds gusting to more than 50 mph at the shore. The damage was minimal, but the beaches took a toll. Tons of sand from Union Beach to South Jersey was washed out to sea or simply blew away.

Temporary dunes worked in Manasquan, where side street flooding remains minimal. Mayor George Dempsey says there are plans to keep the dunes in place through the winter due to forecasts predicting more stormy weather to come.