JERSEY SHORE - City officials in several Jersey Shore towns are dealing with beach erosion in the aftermath of last weekend's coastal storm.

In anticipation of the storm as well as the threat of Hurricane Joaquin, towns began building temporary walls and sand dunes to protect properties. 

The storm peaked Friday into Saturday with rounds of storm tides and winds gusting to more than 50 mph at the shore. While damage to property was minimal, the beaches took a toll. Tons of sand from Union Beach and further south were washed out to sea or simply blew away.

In Manasquan, the temporary sand dune worked well. Flooding in the town was kept to a minimum. Mayor George Dempsey says that there are now plans to keep the dunes in place through the winter due to more forecasted storms.

The ocean along most of the coast was rough for most of Monday, causing more erosion. In Ortley Beach, work crews were out dumping truckloads of sand to replenish the beach where a cliff had formed as sand washed away.

The leaders of most Jersey Shore towns are expected to visit the beaches Monday into Tuesday to assess the damage and determine how much sand will be needed to replenish the shoreline.