NEWARK - Closing arguments were heard today in the Newark schoolyard slayings case. Alexander Alfaro, 20, is being charged with three counts of murder in the brutal killing of three people in 2007.

While on the stand, Alfaro claimed that an investigator promised to go easy on him if he admitted to having an active role in the crimes committed in the schoolyard. Police denied that this occurred.

Defense attorney Raymond Morasse also tried to put holes in the police investigation, questioning tactics used by law enforcement.

Morasse also argued that his client, who was 16 at the time of the crime, was pressured to essentially tag along with other gang members of the MS-13 gang to the playground, despite bringing a machete with him.

The three friends were killed execution-style behind Mount Vernon School. A fourth victim survived her wounds. Alfaro is one of six men police say was involved. Two suspects have already been convicted and sentenced to life behind bars.

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