CLIFTON - The 23-year-old victim of a vicious attack in Clifton is speaking out about the incident that he says was caught on camera.

Police confirm they have good quality cellphone video of one of the suspects and that they are using it in the case against the seven teens charged in the beating.

The group of Clifton High School students is facing charges of aggravated assault in the attack that happened Tuesday afternoon after the teens were dismissed early from school because of the snowstorm.

The victim, who has requested anonymity, was caught in the snarl of traffic and pedestrians on Svea Avenue outside the school. He says he confronted the group after one of the kids punched his SUV.

"The first kid who said something to me, hit me," the victim says. "I turned, the kid who squared up with me, hit me. Then from there, it's like kids came from the woodwork and just started hitting me."

The attack allegedly happened in front of homes, businesses and plenty of witnesses.

"From what I was told, when the cops saw the video, they said multiple things were being thrown at me," the victim says. "What I remember is being hit with wood, rocks, and pretty big boulders, pieces of concrete being thrown at me."

One of those objects hit the victim in the back of the head and something else broke his nose. Police say he showed incredible restraint, not throwing a single punch.

"Honestly, I was very angry, but I just didn't want to hurt one of them because they're younger."

The suspects are 15, 16, and 17 years old. Police say some remain in custody and some have been returned to their families.

The victim says he's grateful to the kids who stuck around to help him and provide some suspect names to police. He says his attackers should not be allowed to return to Clifton High School.