CLIFTON - A 65-year-old jewelry store owner decided he would not allow his shop to get robbed again, when a man came in and tried to steal merchandise.

Tony of Tony’s Jewelry in Clifton says he was working in his shop Tuesday afternoon when a man came in and tried to rob the store.

“I pushed him back, he punched me and I punched him,” says Tony. “Then he grabbed me and I grabbed him and we started punching each other like it was a movie.”

Tony was speaking to his wife on Skype at the time of the robbery.  She was the one who called 911.

Because Tony fought back, the man was only able to get away with a few items.  The whole incident was caught on camera. That video is what led police to the suspect.

Clifton Police Sgt. Robert Bracken says that the video was matched up against a database of pictures of people who have been arrested before.  It led police to Edgardo Cuevas, 39, who was arrested for the crime. Police believe he had some of the stolen items with him at the time.

Cuevas is facing robbery and assault charges.