CLIFTON - A Clifton gas station attendant is in the hospital after two teenagers allegedly tried to rob the station and ran him down.

Imran Ali and his brother Kamran were working at Jersey Gas on Lakeview Avenue Sunday when 19-year-old Uvaldo Mora and a 15-year-old allegedly tried to rob the station. When it didn't work, the teens allegedly drove off while Imran's arm was inside the car, dragging him and then eventually running him over.

"I saw the accident," says Kamran Ali. "I called 911. It's my brother."

The teens allegedly tried to get away, but crashed into a parked van. They took off running and were arrested a short time later by police.

This is not the first time a robbery has happened at the station.

"They're getting pretty ruthless," says customer Maurice Gomez. "It's to the point there's no concern for customers. There's no concern of safety for anyone."

Clifton police do not believe the pair of teens are linked to any other crimes. They now face several charges.