CLIFTON - Parents in Clifton voiced their displeasure over the way administrators handled an alleged threat against a school during a meeting Wednesday night.

At the board of education gathering, parents chastised administrators for not alerting them about the potential threat. They were upset that they had to hear about the incident from the media instead of from the district.

On Dec. 3, five elementary school students were suspended and questioned by police after it was discovered that they had devised a plot to “bomb” Clifton High School. It turns out the device the students had was an Altoids tin filled with salad dressing and cinnamon sticks and was not dangerous. 

The students reportedly told administrators that the plot was in response to a bullying incident.

School board members told the parents that the school should take a closer look at security, but emphasized that there was never any real threat against the school.

Authorities in Passaic County say that they are taking the threat seriously and ordered the fifth-graders to undergo counseling before they could return to school. They say that this was more than a simple prank.