CLIFTON - A large homeless encampment in Passaic County was taken down after a monthlong relocation effort.

The encampment was located under the Ackerman Avenue Bridge in Clifton.

Clifton officials spent the last few weeks coming to the area with translators and homeless shelter organizations to let the residents know that the encampment would be dismantled. Officials wanted to make sure that the residents would have a place to go.

Only one of the residents chose to go to a shelter. The rest reportedly decided to relocate to other areas.

The camp was taken down after several complaints by area businesses over health concerns. The camp is located in an area between the Passaic River and the businesses.

Before the cleanup efforts, the area was littered with mattresses, clothing and other personal effects.

Crews from the Passaic Valley Sewage Authority were on scene with heavy equipment to clean the area.