CLIFTON - Students at Clifton High School had a delayed opening today due to a police safety check.

According to the Clifton Public School website, the high school was officially delayed until 9:30 a.m. for students to allow the Clifton Police Department to do a building safety check.

Clifton police were clearly visible outside the school after apparently going through the building to make sure it was safe.

"I've been told that somebody found out or heard that there's going to be a shooting going on, that's all I got," says Nicholas Vilardi, a senior at Clifton High School.

Unlike students, teachers and other school employees were told to come to work at their normal time, while police went through the building.

"I just say it's somebody making a joke or something, I mean, I'm going to take it seriously, but I'm still going to school," says Vilardi.

Students were allowed back into the school once officers had checked the building.

News 12 New Jersey is still waiting for official word from Clifton police on the apparent threat that was made and who is responsible.