CLIFTON - This past weekend, a fire broke out at a home in Clifton. Once firefighters arrived, they realized that a child was trapped behind the flames.

Ten-year-old Jacob Weatherbee was trapped, while his brother, Matt Weatherbee, 13, and mother Veronica Weatherbee managed to escape.

Firefighters got into the house and rescued the boy, who was unconscious and barely breathing. Emergency responders got him to a hospital within 15 minutes.

According to a news release from the City of Clifton, the family was transported to St. Joseph's Hospital in Paterson. Jacob was stabilized and then transported to the St. Barnabas Burn Center, where he is currently in stable condition. Matt Weatherbee has been released from St. Joseph's and the boys' mother was also transported to St. Barnabas and later released.

Jacob's grandmother tells News 12 New Jersey the family is planning to have all the firefighters meet Jacob some time soon.