CLIFTON - Valerie Tomassini was arrested by Clifton police for allegedly breaking into a house while wearing pajamas. Clifton Deputy Fire Chief Henry Cholewczynsky says he noticed Tomassini when he saw her bright red and white pants with hearts.

Cholewczynsky says he saw Tomassini get out of her car with the pajama pants on. He says Tomassini rang the door bell of his neighbor's house and when no one answered, Cholewczynsky says he saw Tomassini and her accomplice, Francisco Villafane, break into the house. The fire chief says he then reached out to police on his two-way radio, who quickly responded to the scene. Police charged Tomassini and Villafane with burglary. The two suspects are also charged with a string of break-ins in Little Falls, Bloomfield and Totowa.