CLIFTON - Police are hunting for an attacker after a young barber, Dennis Guillen, was slashed in Clifton. It is believed that the attacker may have chosen his victim at random.

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Surveillance video shows the vicious attack at Urban Cuts on Lexington Avenue. The shop was closed, but Guillen was still inside. He had locked up and was waiting for a ride home when a stranger came knocking asking for a haircut.

After Guillen repeatedly told the man no, he says the attacker stunningly and swiftly slashed him across the face and chest. Guillen says he fumbled with his blood-covered phone trying to dial 911 and then staggered outside, hoping to get a driver or anyone to help.

Investigators say they don't know who the man is in the video or the weapon he used. They also don't have a motive, leading them to believe the haircut demand was just a ploy to get Guillen to open the door. Anyone with information is asked to call Clifton detectives at 973-470-5908