MOUNT ROYAL - Some South Jersey residents are still cleaning up after winds left damage and thousands of people without power Tuesday.

"I had an alert on my phone and about 10 seconds later, the wind just started swirling and everything was blowing up in the air," says Sarah Gloeckner, who got herself and her three young children to the safety of their basement Tuesday night in Mount Royal.

Straight-line winds pummeled the area for about 10 minutes. About six homes are now condemned. Forecasters say it wasn't a tornado, but the winds were still strong in Gloucester County.

"Everything we put our whole life into was gone," says Fred Cristaudo. "It was devastating."

He and his wife, Dolly, were miles away near Montreal when the storm struck. He returned home to find his barn and a shed destroyed, with pieces of the structures in his pool and a wooden plank sticking out of the side of his home. Pieces of the barn's roof were found about 200 yards away.

"When Mother Nature gets mad, she gets mad," says Cristaudo. "And you're never going to beat her."

Despite the destruction, no injuries were reported in the neighborhood.

Atlantic City Electric reports that more than 100,000 people were still without power Thursday and that power may not be fully restored until sometime Sunday.