HIGHLANDS - Cleanup crews continued work in Highlands today after a house fell off its supports as it was being elevated to meet new flood requirements.

The two-story home on Locust Street needed to be torn down along with two neighboring bungalows.

Included in the wreckage pile being cleaned up was equipment left behind by Hasenfus Construction, the company that was lifting the home. Hasenfus Construction, based out of Massachusetts, left the scene after the collapse. News 12 New Jersey reached out to the owner, Steve Hasenfus, but he did not comment.

A person with experience in the field of house lifting says he saw four jacks in place where there should have been six to eight. In other words, he says there was not enough support to hold the home in place.

Highlands currently has 38 other projects approved for elevating or rebuilding to fit new flood standards. Twelve other homes in Highlands have been elevated without any issues.