HOBOKEN - Several students at Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken have contracted the mumps, even with the required vaccinations.

A health advisory was issued earlier this week after eight students were diagnosed with the disease. The students have been isolated off-campus, and new infections have been reported.

However, doctors warn that just because someone has received the vaccine, they shouldn't assume they are protected.  News 12 New Jersey spoke with Dr. Meika Roberson, head of the Emergency Department for CarePoint Health, the parent company of Hoboken University Medical Center.

"What should be done before schooling is not just confirming the two doses," Dr. Roberson says, "but also testing your immunity, and that's a blood test that often gets done before you go to school."

Symptoms for the mumps include fever, chills, headaches, decreased strength, decreased energy and swelling of the salivary glands and the neck.  Anyone exhibiting these symptoms should consult their doctor.