NEWARK - Urban areas of the Garden State have some unique struggles when it comes to dealing with the snow and ice that two major storms left behind this week.

In Newark, residents struggled to remove the dense snow that fell on walkways and dig out cars buried by snowplows.

Daniela Carvalho wasn't able to get out. "I kind of got stuck coming out of the parking spot," she says, "so it's been like that at least since yesterday morning."

She wasn't the only one. Lucas DeOliveira tried to clear a path for his car. "We had to dig it all out," he says. "My car gets stuck on everything.

DeOliveira says just finding a parking spot is a battle, since many potential spots are filled with snow.

Pedestrians have different challenges as they navigate city streets, often taking detours around blocked sidewalks.

Many cities require home and business owners to shovel sidewalks within a few hours of snowfall.

Others are enforcing street parking rules, so that crews can clear more of the roadway and make more space for parking.