NEWARK - Some cities and towns are giving up on the fight to clear streets of snow and ice, and are now telling residents not to bother moving their cars from the streets.

Officials say mounds of snow and ice left in parking lanes for days are frozen so thick that even plows can't remove it.

In Newark, some residents haven't moved their cars since the snow and ice storm last Wednesday.

Drivers that do move their cars are often stuck driving onto piles of ice to re-park, then through slush to get out. 

The city of Newark has suspended street cleaning for the next few days, hoping to put other resources toward cleaning more streets. 

Newark Department of Public Works spokesperson Amos Crudup says they have to drop salt or plow where they can. "It's a process," he says. "And people have to understand, this is Mother Nature and something we have to deal with."

Towns like Hoboken are doing the same, giving residents a break on alternate side parking tickets. It's convenient for those who don't have to drive anywhere anytime soon.

"We're looking at temperatures," says Leo Pellegrino, Hoboken Director of Environmental Services. "Temperatures are key, and if it continues to be below freezing, it's difficult." 

Suspending cleaning means drivers in spots can keep their cars in place without having to move. 

Businesses in downtown districts like Newark's Iron Bound say lack of parking is hurting them, and some are working together to clear parking spots of snow.