BELMAR - Gov. Chris Christie's continued his summertime talks with residents in New Jersey's beach communities with a town hall meeting in Belmar Wednesday. 

Christie has spent the last few weeks at similar events touting his "no pain, no gain" pension reform plan, and hammering away the message that the state's promised pension and health benefits for public employees are unsustainable.

When asked about his pension reform plan, the governor said retirees would continue to get benefits, but said changes are necessary for younger public employees. "The facts are this pension system will go bankrupt if we don't make significant changes to it," he says.

Christie says raising taxes to pay into the system is not the answer and that it's time to reduce benefits.  

The crowd was filled with union members and political advocates who have been ramping up protests at the events while they file lawsuits seeking to force Christie to make payments to the pension fund.

The governor says details about his plan will be unveiled this fall.