EDISON - School children will be allowed to eat whatever they want for lunch if Chris Christie is elected president.

That’s a promise Christie made while on the campaign trail in Iowa Monday morning. At the event, the governor fielded a question from a student who said he was unhappy with what schools are serving for lunch under Michelle Obama’s healthy food initiative.

Christie answered the boy by making his opinion on the school lunch matter clear.

“[Michelle Obama] can give her opinion on what people should have for breakfast or lunch or dinner. She’s like any American, she can give her point of view,” he said.  “But using the government to mandate her opinion on what people should be eating every day is none of her business.”

He then told the boy that if he is elected president, he would do away with the lunch program.

Mrs. Obama’s “Let’s Move” program is aimed at lowering obesity rates and encouraging healthy eating, something Christie’s critics say he should work on.

“Criticizing the idea that school children should try to eat better, I think it’s a little off the mark,” says Edison Nutrition Center’s Dr. Richard Menashe.

Dr. Menashe says that he works with patients on nutrition and weight loss and encourages making healthy eating choices from a young age.

Christie, who famously underwent lap-band surgery in 2013 to lose weight, says that he tried to eat healthy and hopes other do too, but ultimately it should be the person’s choice.