TRENTON - (AP) - Gov. Chris Christie has signed legislationthat creates a permanent public school choice program in NewJersey.

The measure allows parents to move their children to schoolsacross district lines, if space is available.

Schools seeking to participate would apply to the stateeducation commissioner, detailing services available to students.They also must account for fiscal issues they may face by takingpart.

Students seeking to transfer must apply to the new district,which could hold lotteries if the number of applications theyreceive outpace the available seats.

Students' home districts would provide or pay for transportationfor elementary school pupils who live more than two miles from thereceiving district, and for secondary school students who live morethan 2 1/2 miles from their new school.

But they wouldn't have to pay if the new school is more than 20miles from the student's home.