BUDD LAKE - Last week, Gov. Chris Christie (R-N.J.) fired Education Commissioner Bret Schundler as a result of a mistake on a grant application for the "Race to the Top." The mistake on the 1,000-page application cost the state $400 million in funding for education.

Christie says he was misled by Schundler. Christie says minutes before his first public statement on the issue, Schundler told him he verbally shared the data with the reviewers. But in a phone conversation with News 12 New Jersey today, Schundler said he remembers it differently.

Schundler said "What he's saying is absolutely untrue and that's what hurts more than anything." He also said that he "did not provide the grant reviewers with the missing data."

The governor says he wants the Legislature to focus on passing education reforms instead of holding investigatory hearings. Schundler says he's not sure what he'll do next.

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