EDISON - Gov. Chris Christie says that he will most likely join Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s campaign as it makes its way to New Jersey.

New Jersey’s primary is still over a month away, but now that the New York primary is over, more of the candidates are expected to turn their attention to New Jersey.

Christie hasn’t appeared with Trump publicly in a few weeks, but he says that he does talk to Trump almost every day.

“Donald will be here. He’s got a friend who’s the governor. If I ask him to come, he’ll come and I will be asking him to come,” Christie says.

Some say that Christie’s support may come at a good time for Trump as he has been taking on increasingly heated attacks from his closest rival Ted Cruz.

“Donald Trump won’t debate because he has no answer when he’s asked ‘How do you bring jobs back to America?’ He has no economic plan. He has no real solution,” Cruz said.

Christie says that there's no set date yet for campaigning with Trump in New Jersey.

The rival Cruz campaign marked its first official day of campaigning in New Jersey on Wednesday when the senator’s wife, Heidi Cruz, traveled across the state.

New Jersey’s primary is June 7.