CHERRY HILL - Gov. Chris Christie says that he’s getting increasingly fed up with the standoff between himself and Democratic lawmakers over a plan to save Atlantic City from financial ruin.

The governor says that he is willing to let the city go bankrupt if a deal is not made soon.

“Test me and Atlantic City will go broke,” the governor said at a news event in Cherry Hill Wednesday. “This is the beautiful thing about never running again. You don't have to worry about this stuff. The most dangerous person in Trenton is a second-term governor.”

New Jersey’s lawmakers have been battling over two different plans to save Atlantic City. The city is expected to run out of money by the middle of May.

Gov. Christie’s plan for Atlantic City involves a state takeover and passed the state Senate last month. But Assembly Speaker Vincent Prieto won’t post the bill because he says that it would terminate union rights.

Prieto’s plan for Atlantic City involves giving a committee oversight of the city instead of the governor. He says that he will post his bill when he deems it the right time.

“Gov. Christie can keep playing his games, but I will not post a bill to give him dictatorial powers to trample core values, such as collective bargaining,” the speaker said in a statement.

Prieto also says that he awaits a "serious effort" to negotiate on the part of the governor.

If Atlantic City goes bankrupt, financial experts say that it could ruin credit ratings for the whole state.