CAMDEN - Gov. Chris Christie is suggesting that the City of Trenton use a model similar to that of Camden to repair its public safety system.

Christie praised the early results of the new countywide police system in Camden Wednesday.

The governor says the transition might be a challenge. "That's going to take the political courage that they had here in Camden," Christie says. "But what the people of Camden are seeing already, in some of our worst neighborhoods, they are seeing results."

Camden will be staffed with 100 county officers by the end of the year.

Mercer County Executive Brian Hughes says it's hard to sell the idea when the mayors of two of his largest cities, Hamilton and Trenton, are either in jail or possibly heading there.

As state and city leaders continue to look for answers to the crime problems in Trenton, residents continue to deal with rampant crime. The City of Trenton is one murder away from tying an all-time record set back in 2005 of 31 homicides.

The New Jersey Attorney General has already ordered state troopers to assist in patroling Trenton's streets.