TRENTON - Gov. Chris Christie (R-N.J.) announced this morning that the state has reached a deal to transfer operations of the state-owned New Jersey Network to WNET-TV Channel 13 in New York.

Christie says the state does not need and can't afford to subsidize a TV station.

NJN will be known as NJTV when it is transferred to WNET-TV, the nation's largest PBS station. NJTV is set to go to air July 1.

The Caucus Educational Corp., headed by Steve Adubato, Jr., would provide some programming. Adubato's father is a political power broker in Newark and an ally of the governor. Under the deal, the governor says it must deliver a nightly news program and New Jersey-centered coverage, including elections.

Union officials say the agreement with WNET could mean the loss of all 130 jobs at the station. The governor believes journalists paid with tax dollars who cover government is a conflict of interest.