PALISADES PARK - Gov. Chris Christie pitched his $32.1 billion budget proposal at a town hall meeting in Palisades Park this morning.

The governor blasted Democrats at the meeting for spending too much. Christie accused them of trying to turn people in the state against the wealthier residents in order to get their way.

The governor was trying to drum up support for his 10 percent income tax cut plan, which he says would benefit all working New Jerseyeans. Christie also has proposed a 5 percent increase in a tax credit for the working poor.

The governor plans on sending more money to the state's colleges and universities, to end the trend of New Jersey students leaving the state to go to college. Christie said this morning that more students leave New Jersey than any other state in the country.

Democrats criticized the plan yesterday, saying property taxes are the real issue. The governor said he is maintaining the 2 percent property tax cap and there will be no cuts.

A projected increase in tax collections would fuel the added spending.

Christie's proposal for the fiscal year that begins July 1 spends 4 percent more than the current budget.

Christie lays out $32.1B budget in annual address