EAST WINDSOR - Gov. Chris Christie unleashed blistering criticism against New Jersey business leaders for not financially supporting Republicans in state elections and said the consequence is Democratic majorities and proposals for higher taxes.

The governor spoke Tuesday at a New Jersey Business and Industry Association event in East Windsor, coming off the presidential campaign trail to tell entrepreneurs they should donate more to Republicans who lost four seats in the Assembly in November. He said businesses provided no counterweight to union spending.

“If you're motivated by wanting to make this state a better place for your employees, your shareholders and your children and grandchildren, then you will open up the checkbook and get in the fight,” said Gov. Christie.

The head of the NJBIA said that the governor’s message was heard loud and clear.

“We’re all adults and we can handle it and you know what, if somebody doesn’t give us the reality check once in a while, shame on us,” said NJBIA president Michelle Siekerka.

The governor said that he’s worked hard to be pro-business and that he has vetoed more tax increases than any other governor in American history.

After the speech, Gov. Christie held a closed cabinet meeting at the Capitol.

The Associated Press wire services contributed to this report.