TRENTON - Gov. Chris Christie’s official endorsement of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has drawn some criticism in the Garden State, and the governor is refusing to answer any questions about it.

At a news conference held at the State House Monday to announce his nomination of Judge David Bauman to the state Supreme Court, Christie told reporters he would take “on topic” questions only. When asked why, the governor responded “Because I won’t want to.”

Reporters tried sneaking in questions about Trump multiple times during the news conference, but the governor did not answer any of them.

“You know there's no shot,” Christie told one reporter. “Either you're putting on a performance for the cameras or not, no chance I'm answering those questions.”

Since the Trump endorsement, Christie has seen some backlash in the Garden State.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations says Christie previously worked well with the Muslim community, but his support of Trump casts a shadow on that.

"If he loses then he's got to answer to the Muslim community that supported him,” says the council’s Abdul-Alim Mubarak-Rowe. “He’s got to respond to that. Now how is he going to do that, that’s another issue."

With Super Tuesday looming, polls show that Trump leads the Republican candidate field. Christie is expected to travel to Ohio and Kentucky to campaign for Trump.