WEST TRENTON - Gov. Chris Christie says that as chairman of fellow Republican Donald Trump's White House transition team, he will be in charge of assembling a team of people to plan for the first 200 days of the administration and filling 4,000 federal jobs.

Christie addressed the issue on Wednesday at a news conference on his state's business taxes.

Christie says a lot of the work will be done by volunteers. But he says he doesn't think it will take him out of the state very much.

“I've always been able to manage my time pretty well and I don't think it will take me out of state much at all, maybe to Washington, D.C. every once in a while,” he said.

The governor declined to discuss the names of any other potential key advisers under consideration for a possible Trump White House.

Trump announced on Monday that Christie would lead his transition team, praising him for his loyalty and support.

Trump also said earlier this week that he had narrowed his list of potential vice presidents to five to six people, and that he hadn't ruled Christie out.

Christie said today that it was "obviously an honor" to be on Trump's short list.

The Associated Press wire services contributed to this report.