ENGLEWOOD - Some of New Jersey's youngest musicians are getting the opportunity of a lifetime.

Students between the ages of four and 13 are participating in the "Summer String" music camp. The camp was founded 20 years ago by classical musician Amelia Gold.

"I said to the children that when we play Cannon in D, it is as if this tiny dot on a map becomes the center of everything that's beautiful in the world," says Gold.

There are nearly 250 young musicians in the camp at the Elisabeth Morrow School in Englewood. Andrew Jean-Baptiste has been playing the violin for seven years. The 9-year-old says the instrument is his passion.

"It's like music flowing through the Earth, going through my body and lifting me up so I feel like I can do something more," he says.

The students auditioned for the program earlier this year. They will perform a concert on Friday, the last day of the camp.