MIDDLETOWN - Charges have been dropped against Cedric Calero, the Brookdale Community College student accused of stealing a cup of ice from the school cafeteria back in January.

Calero had been facing a disorderly persons charge and was scheduled to appear in court on Monday.

The 18-year-old freshman maintained that a cashier walked away after he paid for an order of french fries. Before he could ask for the ice, Calero says he took a cup, filled it with ice and sat down.

A few minutes later, a manager accused the student of stealing. Calero said he assumed there was no charge for cups.

News 12 New Jersey spoke with Calero, who says the entire thing has enraged him. Calero says he didn't think the charges would have held up.

Student charged after taking ice from cafeteria School theft charge dropped in case against Brookdale student