SOMERVILLE - The six-penny parking meters in front of the Somerville post office are a piece of the past that may be going away.

The penny meters now buy you 12 minutes in Somerville. Many residents do not want to see the meters taken out and replaced with modern meters, which will cost at least a quarter.

Somerville Mayor Brian Gallagher says paying more is wrong. He says he will urge councilmembers not to replace the penny meters, but to have free 10-minute parking.

The problem with the penny meters is maintenance since they are old and break often.When News 12 New Jersey visited Tuesday, two were jammed. Gallagher says fixing old meters that take in just $2.50 a day costs more than it is worth.

The City Council will have the final say. A decision on what to do about the meters in front of the post office could come in about a month.