ASBURY PARK - A chunk of concrete that makes up the ceiling at Asbury Park's most famous historical landmark has collapsed.

Convention Hall, which houses restaurants and the Paramount Theatre, fell on Sunday.

Workers were setting up for an event inside the 85-year-old attraction when the 12-foot slab plunged 18 feet onto the deck of Anchor's End restaurant.

No one was injured in the incident.

The fire department inspected the building on Monday, and says the deck will remain closed until the building's owner provides an engineering report.

There are signs of age in plain sight on the iconic structure, including cracks in its building blocks, and some of its architecture held back by wire as if to keep it from crumbling.

In March, it was feared Conventional Hall would close when the city accused its owner of not meeting fire codes. A deal was struck to keep it open through summer.

The stores and restaurants inside Convention Hall all remain open.

The company that owns the structure did not return a message left by News 12 New Jersey seeking a comment.