NEWARK - The Associated Humane Society (AHS) has two dogs from Newark in its care. One of the dogs that was rescued weighs 10 pounds, less than half of what she should.

Someone turned this malnourished terrier mix into Associated Humane Societies Newark Shelter Wednesday. Her emaciated condition didn't happen overnight. AHS suspects that the dog, who the shelter has named "Hope." Was being starved to death. AHS is now asking for an investigation.

The second dog, Zoey the Chihuahua, is recovering from emergency surgery to remove one of her eyes. The AHS says a vicious kick to the head damaged the dog's eye beyond repair. Oswald Hall, 60, of Newark, is being charged with the crime. The AHS says that Zoey belonged to Hall's girlfriend and that it isn't the first time Hall is being held in the Essex County Jail.

AHS is hoping for a conviction and that more than fines are imposed this time. The AHS believes that both dogs will make great pets one day.