TRENTON - (AP) - New Jersey's top election official hasruled that nine-time Olympic gold medalist Carl Lewis fails to meetthe four-year state residency requirement to run for electedoffice.

Secretary of State Kim Guadagno decided Tuesday that Lewis can't continue his run for state Senate as a Democrat.

She ordered the 49-year-old's name to be stricken from the Juneprimary ballot.The decision by Guadagno, a Republican, can be appealed.

Guadagno rejected an administrative law judge's recommendationthat Lewis be allowed to stay in the race to represent the state'ssouth-central region.

Republicans challenged Lewis' run, saying he voted in Californiauntil recently.

The former track star told The Philadelphia Inquirer Gov. ChrisChristie tried to talk him out of running.

The Christie administration says Lewis misunderstood the talk.