KEYPORT - A man is under arrest after police say a Monmouth County mother was carjacked Wednesday and the suspect took off with her baby still in the back seat.

After a police chase through multiple towns, the mother has now been reunited with her baby.

The incident started in Hazlet, when the mother was pulled out of her Chevy Traverse. The carjacking led to a police chase, which came to an end behind a sub shop in Keyport.

Witnesses say they saw the car taking a turn at 40 mph.

"We heard a smash, and then we see the cops coming by. The baby was just fine, just sitting there in the baby seat,” says witness Anthony Percodani.

Witnesses say they watched as the suspect came flying down the street, getting out of the car and then running off.

The suspect took off again, and a witness says he jumped in a taxi which took him to Cliffwood Beach. Police tracked him down and took him into custody.

Rodney Anderson, 44, of Jersey City, is now under arrest.