UNION TOWNSHIP - A police chase in Union Township ended after the suspect's car crashed into a vacant Halloween store on Route 22 East near the Kenilworth border.

According to police, the situation started when a man attempted to rob two people at the Clinton Manor Hotel on Route 22 West in Union Township. Police say the suspect fired off several shots, striking one of the victims. The suspect may have also allegedly assaulted the hotel manager. The victim who was shot was taken to the hospital and is expected to be OK.

The suspect then allegedly ran across Route 22 and carjacked a woman in a Target parking lot to get away. Police were called for reports of gunfire and were able to follow the suspect in the stolen car.

During the pursuit, the suspect struck several cars, including a car belonging to Union County Prosecutor Grace Park. Police say she was shaken up but refused medical treatment.

The pursuit ended when the suspect lost control of the car and crashed into the Halloween City pop-up shop, which was vacant at the time. According to the building's owner, glass and other debris was scattered all around the area.

After the crash, the suspect allegedly tried to run away and got into a struggle with responding officers before he was arrested. A gun was found at the scene, according to Union Township police.

Authorities have not released the name of the suspect.