BERGENFIELD - The borough of Bergenfield will soon swear in a female police chief, the first woman to hold the position in all of Bergen County.

Capt. Cathy Madalone says she didn't originally want to go into law enforcement.

"I actually wanted to be in the medical field when I was a kid," she says, "but I didn't like school so much when I was younger."

Madalone went on to be a funeral director before she saw a co-worker fill out an application to become a police officer and decided she wanted to do it too.

Twenty-two years later, she will be the first female police chief in the entire county.

"That's big. It's exciting. It's a big responsibility and I'm really excited for the possibility and the opportunities," Madalone says.

In addition to her police duties, Madalone also runs a Youth Academy. Some of the members of the academy say the fact that Madalone has been promoted to chief makes them excited for the future.

"There's a lot of stereotypes that women can't do as much as men do. Her being chief exceeds that stereotype," says Meredith Frias, one of the Youth Academy members.

Madalone's first day as police chief will be Sept. 1.