SEASIDE HEIGHTS - A fireworks display that was canceled because of high tides and rough seas has been rescheduled in Seaside Heights.

According to the borough's Facebook page, a wave doused the fireworks and put an end to Saturday's planned show.

"The fireworks were set up closer to the surf than usual in an effort to satisfy state regulations which require that spectators be maintained a specific distance (120 feet) from the fireworks," the borough's Facebook post reads. "The tide was higher and rougher than usual... and the fireworks were soaked by a wave that made it up to the 110-foot mark."

The borough plans to bring in a bulldozer to build a bigger wall to protect fireworks canisters. It had originally planned to do the show on Sunday, but due to winds, the fireworks have been rescheduled for Wednesday night.

The borough says it deeply regrets the inconvenience and disappointment caused by the cancellation. It notes that every fireworks event after Sandy has been a challenge because of the consequences of beach erosion.