NEWARK - One hundred and fifty families who lost clothing and food during Sandy are getting some help thanks to the generosity of strangers.

The Camden Street School in Newark had been planning a community Thanksgiving dinner for weeks. Those plans changed, however, once Sandy hit and devastated so many families in the neighborhood.

The school wanted to go further than having a dinner. Principal Sam Garrison, with the help of a friend, got in contact with someone who brought three trailers of relief materials to be donated at the school.

Within days, Camden Street School had thousands of dollars worth of donated clothes, and even more donations pouring in from across the state, $10,000 worth of food, and another $10,000 worth of clothes.

After treating guests to plates filled with traditional Thanksgiving fare, the school was able to give free clothing to 150 families, and send everyone home with two bags filled with groceries.

With so many donated items still available to give to families in need, Principal Garrison says he plans to continue giving away clothes, food and other items throughout the holiday season to families affected by Sandy.