EDISON - A call for more awareness about the effects and treatment of concussions has spread from high schools to the NFL to the White House.

President Barack Obama last week called on athletes, coaches and parents to take action. He says that parents need to realize head injuries can happen in all sports.

Whhippany's Ashley Jensen, a former college soccer player, says she has had six concussions, with each one becoming more severe.

"I just knew that something was wrong and it wasn't normal. Someone would ask me a question and I couldn't respond right away," she says.

Scott Gunter, director of strength and conditioning at the Sportscare Institute, says more has to be learned about concussions.

The institute provides a series of exercises post-concussion, which track the athletes progress until they are cleared from a doctor.

Gunter says the Sportscare Institute performs hundreds of baseline tests each year, but it's rare they get any follow-ups.